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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Services

冰球突破手机版下载 provides comprehensive civil engineering services for the analysis, planning, design and construction administration of civil engineering projects for municipal, county, institutional and private sector clients. 冰球突破手机版下载 offers an experienced staff that can carry any civil engineering project from the initial feasibility level to final construction drawings and specifications. 冰球突破手机版下载 also offers a full range of bidding and construction phase services including bid administration, construction management, observation and administration to ensure that our client’s projects are completed in compliance with our designs and within budget.

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Hydraulic Structure Projects

冰球突破手机版下载 has designed and administered construction of numerous hydraulic structure projects associated with transportation facilities such as culvert crossings, bridge waterway analysis, bridge scour analysis and erosion protection.

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Rural and Urban Roadway Design

冰球突破手机版下载 has over 13 years of experience in rural and urban roadway design and has completed over 100 roadway projects during this period of time for various Municipal and County Governments.

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Drainage and Flood Control

冰球突破手机版下载 has completed numerous drainage and flood control infrastructure projects including concrete and riprap open channels, levee systems
and flood diversion structures.

The following list highlights our capabilities in these areas:

  • Urban & Rural Roadway Design
  • Airport Runway, Taxiway & Apron Facilities
  • Utility Infrastructure Design
  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Dams & Related Structures
  • Flood Control Facilities
  • Landfill Closure Design
  • Subdivision Infrastructure Design
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冰球突破手机版下载 provides site planning services and prepares grading and drainage plans for commercial development projects.


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